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Ditch the stress and frustration you feel when dealing with a bully. Learn the 8 Simple rules.

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Group Presentations

  • Highly interactive presentations can be 30-60 minutes long and teach the basis for how to stop a bully.


A four hour follow up workshop engrains the eight rules to follow and highlights HOW to proceed to stop a bully.

Ongoing Coaching

For those who are dealing with a long term bullying situation, coaching will provide ongoing support and reinforcement of the eight rules of how to stop a bully.

About Me and how to stop a bully

Better Skills create a Better Life

As a kid and as an adult I know the sting of being bullied. What I did not realize until I was 45 and reading my sisters book is that I was also a bully to her. I understand the perspective from all angles and more important I have a passion for teaching skills to give others the confidence to deal effectively with bullying. 

The link below provides an example of my overall presentation skills and motivational speaking.


Turn the bully tragedy into personal Triumph

At its worst, bullying can cause tragedy. Gaining confidence comes from knowledge and experience. I can give you the knowledge and coach you through the experience of overcoming one of the biggest challenges we all face in life - dealing with a bully. You walk away with confidence and skills you can use the rest of your life.

Izzy Kalman


  • Israel Registry of Psychologists
  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist (U.S.)
  • New York State Certified School Psychologist
  • New York City Licensed Bilingual School Psychologist

My Credentials are not only from life experience, but also from a proven system developed by Izzy Kalman, the creator of Bullies to Buddies.


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I will travel anywhere in North America to conduct a presentation. 

How to STOP a Bully


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